Our Products

Cycle Outlook

Cycle outlook is 25 pages of charts on every major asset class.

It has sections on stocks, international and domestic, bonds, metals, energy, currencies and commodities. It gives you recommendations on what to buy and if to buy or sell.

Commentary is written by Richard Mogey..

Cycle Tech Software

Richard Mogey is the foremost authority on cycle algorithms.

CycleTech is the only program that uses fractional harmonic analysis and statistical testing to provide the researcher and trader with the sound tools needed for analysis.

CycleTech is the most complete cycle trading software ever created.

Mogey Market Outlook Webinar

Live recorded webinar held every Saturday.

Each week the cyclic outlook for major asset classes are discussed with commentary by Richard Mogey.

These sessions are designed to be interactive and questions can be sent by email by those who get the recordings and on line during the live sessions.

Institutional Product

The Institutional Product is uniquely designed to find equity groups ready to explode to the upside

Using a combination of cyclical, relative strength and technical indicators, our group analysis has a proven record of finding the right groups at the right time.

No other group analysis is as consistent and performance oriented.